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Re: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed
On 02/07/2016 04:56 PM, John Andersen wrote:
On 02/06/2016 11:41 PM, tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I know it will improve. Whenever there is a big jump, there are more bugs to
work out. I have heard
that there were a lot of loud complaints when the switch was made from KDE 3 to
KDE 4. Now we are
into 5.

There was a big difference between 3-to-4 and 4-to-5 if you ask me.

KDE4 was released well in excess of a year too early, and made the default
install to boot.

KDE5/Plasma seems like only maybe a month or three too early, just about
everything works today,
allowing for some stragglers. Its orders of magnitude less painful than the
KDE4 roll-out.
In my daily work load, I haven't found anything where K5/Plasma fails me.

That's good to know. I had to add the Framework5 and QT5 repos, and then zypper dup from those in order to make k5/plasma fairly easy to use. I never experienced kde3. I came into opensuse linux about the time (I think) that most of the bugs were being worked out of kde4, at opensuse 11.4.

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