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Re: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed
On Saturday 06 February 2016 21:34:25 Richard Brown wrote:
If you want something stable with Leap, and if you think Tumbleweed
isn't stable enough for you, then I deeply question the logic of
anyone who goes to a devel repo to get a new version of a package.
Even if they do work for you today, they WILL break for you at some
point, unlike in Tumbleweed where we have standards and quality to
controls to prevent such breakage.

Yes, this sounds right. The problem I see for myself is a slightly different
one: The "stable" definition is a tricky one. I like the ideas of rolling
distributions and also use them though not everywhere. The problem I see from
a user perspective is mainly I am not looking for new versions of applications
but just making *any* version of an application available on a system, for the
sake of example, say "python-humanize", which is not available in any official
repositories for oS13.2, oS L 42.1, or TW. As I would like to use zypper
rather than "pip", "easy_install" or "build everything manual and mess up
/usr/local" I look on
(or the awesome "osc" plugin to search
and install directly from command line) and find the package being available
in "devel:languages:python" as well as "home:mimi_vx". Now, I just download
the RPM manually but this is more messy than using the package manager which
can help me with resolving dependencies so the only option I see left is
adding the repo ("devel" being a better choice than any "home" for reasons
already stated in this thread) and installing the package from there.
I don't see a better way of doing this and Tumbleweed would not have helped in
this regard.
Obviously, if I have problems with this package I don't blame the openSUSE
community part which is offering me the official repositories *only*.
Still, I am wondering if from an overall "community" thinking we can improve
on how we see additional repositories. I see the point of "devel"
repositories, it has "development" in the name. But where else should I have
installed "python-humanize" from? Mainly I don't see many differences to the
"scratch my own itch" approach which also PPAs in ubuntu and the AUR in arch

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