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Re: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed
On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 4:04 PM, Frans de Boer <frans@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If Tumbleweed is indeed nothing more then a renamed factory, it is
unreliable for daily use and I probably will remove it in due time.

A major automated integration and test system was put in place in
2014. The end result was Tumbleweed.

So factory from 2014 and before had basically zero integration testing
before it was released to the testers as a factory release. It could
be so broken that even booting common setups could fail.

That is not true of Tumbleweed. It is put through numerous tests
(thousands?) before it is ever released.

You should check out the autoQA system.

Here's the results from yesterday's build:

Notice all the major subsystems that are tested, but a few failed, so
that snapshot won't make it out the door as a Tumbleweed release.

Now click through on a test failure. Here's the steps from the
chromium failure in Gnome:

Step through it to see where it fails.

Look on the left at a list of the steps that the test goes through.

Take a look now at the Thunderbird test for gnome:

step through its tests to see what is being tested.

If you see a critical to you feature not being tested, either write
and submit your own test or try to get someone else to do it for you.

As more and more tests get added to Tumbleweeds autoQA setup it just
gets better and better.

Now remember Tumbleweed has to pass all of those subsystem and
component tests before it gets released. (I don't know the exact
criteria. Maybe some failures are allowed?)

If anyone thinks pre-2015 Factory ever had pre-release testing
anywhere close to that they're simply wrong.

Greg Freemyer
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