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Re: [opensuse] Re: uefi on the second disk
new test time, and I understand better how YaST works.

first, for whatever unknown reason I had grub2 selected (and not grub2-efi) on this always efi secureboot computer... didn't help.

then YaST write the boot files (*.efi) to /boot/efi and complain if nothing is mounted there (good).

I didn't take the time to test all, not sure YaST can keep several versions there. You can manually, simply changing the folder name for anything you want and using efibootmgr

not sure neither what YaST do if the opensuse folder already exist, keep or change? probably change.

I could test all that moving all the opensuse folder (under EFI) to a backup place then making YaST write them again.

I found here:

than for YaST to write every bit of info about boor system, one have to force it, changing the bootloader in the menu to anything else (no need to validate, reloading the menu do the trick) then back to grub2-efi. Changing any other option *is not enough*

I think there should be an option "reload" of "force writing", because this trick is specially naked.

so far, so good

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