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Re: [opensuse] question on tunderbird/seamonkey mail imap offline mirroring
Op 29-1-2016 om 18:37 schreef Per Jessen:
Istvan Gabor wrote:


My IMAP mailbox at my ISP is close to full. I would like to delete
most of its content form the IMAP server but keep messages locally.

I use seamonkey mail (almost equal to thunderbird if I know correctly)
with configured IMAP mailboxes. There is an option for
download/synchronize messages for offline use which makes a local copy
of the messages. My question is if I use this method, and delete
messages on the server afterwards not from seamonkey mail (eg in
webmail), will be the local messages deleted after a new connection
started from seamonkey mail? In other words is the synchronization
bi-directional or uni-directional?
I am not familiar with seamonkey, but any IMAP client should allow you
to copy messages to your local drive with simple drag-and-drop. Maybe
with the exception of webmail clients.

With TB, I just move folders or messages into folders under "Local

I have wondered about this a long time as well.

I have to do the reverse: obtain an old TB store, make sure I don't connect to the internet, move the messages into local storage, delete it from the IMAP (that is not connected), ensure nothing remains, and then sync the IMAP again with online.

Sounds rather unreasonable. Or I need to take these local folders, export them, there is a plugin for that: then go to my "main" TB, and then import that thing again into a local store there, after which I am free to move (copy) it at my behest to the online store.

I have never really liked it. There are too many uncertainties for me. I haven't done it yet. Thunderbird also once threw away 3 months of email as I was compacting the store.

I didn't notice and I threw away and older backup.

Then my email was simply gone as TB had also already wiped it from the online store.

Yay Thunderbird. I don't like it as much anymore as I did before.

There was a reason I never compacted the store before because I suspected something like this could happen. But I grew careless (or uncareful) due to having that certain sense of a backup (using ImapSize on Windows). Regardless, IMAPSize stored email in .eml format (individual files) and that was a prime reason (perhaps the only reason) I was so careless, since it was rather unsettling to me and it confused me in a certain way.

Due to other circumstances I had no other backup left (such as from a system restore point). And the email provider didn't keep backups long enough. The backup that existed had already been overwritten again.

Caused me so much pain....
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