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SOLVED Perhaps.. was Re: [opensuse] plasmashell in Leap 42.1
On 01/20/2016 09:45 PM, George Olson (SUSE list) wrote:
On 01/20/2016 01:11 PM, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
Hi - I have just upgraded one of my systems to Leap 42.1 and am encountering a problem that is turning into a showstopper for us. Every few minutes, and in particular it seems after clicking on the launcher in the kicker bar at the bottom of the desktop, the system comes to a near halt for a few minutes and does not respond to a lot of mouse or keyboard input actions. Any shell window that is open will be responsive but much of the GUI stops responding. I have discovered that when this happens, top reports that the plasmashell process is using 100% of the cpu. Google has not provided me with a solution that I can understand, so in layman's terms can some kind guru tell me how to fix this issue? I will gladly provide any additional info needed, and thanks in advance for your help.


I forgot to mention also I did 2 things...

The first was for the graphics:
On my laptop I went through the detailed procedure to install bumblebee from here:
Following it in detail (I had to tweak one thing, I don't remember what now) was what made the difference on my laptop.

On my desktop I installed the nvidia repository (available in yast -> add repositories -> community repositories).

The second was with the QT repository:
On my desktop I also added the QT5 repository at this url:

I don't remember specifically looking to install anything from the QT5 repository, but zypper seems to have picked up a few packages from there and put them on my system.

Thanks Per, George, John for taking the time to reply and give me a few leads... In a internet round-about fashion I finally came across the openSuSE SDB:NVIDIA_drivers document and lo and behold that document appears to actually have been kept up to date! Kudos to who-ever took the trouble... Anywise, it suggested that I use YaST's Software Management to "Install all matching recommended packages". So I did, (dunno why this wasn't done automagically when I installed 42.1 on my system) and that changed out the nouveau drivers for NVidia ones. Since then I have not seen the plasmashell using 100% of my CPU. I have only had a few days of observation so cannot say for certain that this problem is solved but it certainly seems to be better at the moment!

That said, I do see other processes also consuming 100% of my CPU, such as y2base and Firefox which can bring my systems to a halt for awhile, but that in not occurring as frequently as this plasmashell problem was, so I will live with it for now and hope a fix will come along soon...

Thanks again guys.... Marc...

"The Truth is out there" - Spooky

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