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Re: [opensuse] Bootup of Luks partitions not waiting long for Password
On 01/22/2016 11:59 PM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
23.01.2016 05:44, John Andersen пишет:
I've got a 13.2 installation that for some reason some time ago started
waiting a real short time
for passwords on the Plymouth screen (or at least the Plymouth wallpaper)
for a password for
the Luks encrypted partition.

Could you try without Plymouth (plymouth.enable=0 on kernel command
line); do you still see the same problem?

Where does one get at the kernel command line these days?
With Plymouth in there before you even get a chance, to hit any key, it seems
the only way to change that is go into yast and add the parameter there.
(which didn't work by the way, even though I saw that it was written to

I didn't want to modify grub2/grub.cfg because the first thing it says in that
file is

But I was able to dance on the escape key fast enough to see the scrolling boot
in text mode, and saw where it asked for the password for the first ENCRYPTED

So I just sat there and counted off the seconds, and at about 7 or 8 seconds it
resumed the
stream of boot messages and booted normally, showing the log in screen, but the
encrypted partition was not mounted. (It has nofail in fstab).

I see these suspicious looking lines in grub2/grub.cfg:

if [ x${boot_once} = xtrue ]; then
set timeout=0
elif [ x$feature_timeout_style = xy ] ; then
set timeout_style=menu
set timeout=8
# Fallback normal timeout code in case the timeout_style feature is
# unavailable.
set timeout=8

But, I'm not supposed to mess with that file, apparently under penalty of
death, so
I look for the safe place to set that, but before I do, I would like to know if
is really where this timeout is set.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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