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Re: [opensuse] What do you use for skype?
Hallo Anton Aylward, op 21-01-16 om 16:47 schreef je:
On 01/21/2016 10:00 AM, Harrie Baken wrote:
Downside is that you need a gmail account.

Which you have already, if you have an Android phone.

One does *not* need a *gmail* account. A *Google account* will do.
(Mine is: harriebaken@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.)

I have a number of my own domains. When I got the phone I tried
setting that up with google (as opposed to Samsung, who were quite
happy to accept various "" addresses). Google took
the "proper name" ("Anton Aylward"), donwshifted the "A" to "a",
inserted a period and appended a "" and there was nothing I
could do about it.

Nothing, I tell, you, NOTHING!

Don't let Google fuck with you.

I didn't like it, I fought it. But I was stuck with it.

The crazy thing is that I already had TWO other addresses that I use
with G+! Both of those use domains I own. I'm still struggling to
find out if I can use either of those with hangouts. So far,
hangouts insists on me using the "" address.

Hm.. for all that G-stuff I use my own mail address. So it /is/ possible.

So it seems an issue of one "evil empire" vs another :-)


Indeed. + Apple crooks. So let's make Linux great & big!

Err, perhaps you should look at which firms make the greatest
contribution to the Linux code base. (Hint: it isn't Apple)

I bet it's God Google. But I don't care (much). *All* corporations
eventually have just one goal: profits. Therefore one (we, the FOSS
people) never can trust them completely. The community is what counts in
the end.


Harrie Baken | Tekstbureau TekstBaken
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