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Re: [opensuse] Format disk with 13.2 btrfs file system
On 01/17/2016 12:59 PM, jdd wrote:

That said, I don't see why you should need that for a backup. default
BTRFS yast install have snapshots that gives some kind of backing point
per se.

I have to agree here.
If your objective is to have an 'emergency' bootable USB for repair or
installation, then there is no particular need for there to bea BtrFS on
the USB.

1. If you want this to carry out installs, you probably need to pay more
attention, as I've mentioned, to 'autoyast'. You will want to have
mkfs.btrfs on the USB if you want to make a btrFS on the target you are
using this to install to. You don't need to have a BtrFS to run mkfs.btrfs.

2. If you want this to carry out repairs, then there are a slightly
different set of utilities. Wiping out the extant FS and remaking it
/might/ require mkfs.btrfs, or it might require one of the other members
of the mkfs family. More essential to maintenance would be the 'btrfs'
progamme in the 'btrfsprogs' package.

As JDD says, the Btrfs file system does snapshots. These eat space!
I wouldn't want that on a USB!

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