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[opensuse] Baloo file indexing bork
Some time recently, around when KDE 4.14 came out, and also in KDE Plasma5 (or
whatever its official
name is) Baloo (which was working very well for me) stopped indexing plain/text
unless they had an extension of .txt AND were smaller than 50K.

I traced this to what was supposed to be a short term hack in
which can be seen here:

That was a year and a half ago, and it only JUST recently slipped into KDE4 and

The thing is, I have been relying on Baloo indexing of massive amounts of
source code
to find references, usages, etc. Source is plain text, and suddenly the rug
has been
yanked out from under me as Baloo will no longer index plain text.

I am seeing this also in KDE Framework 5.17 (Arch/Manjaro) and I suspect in

Does anyone have a working Baloo installation undr Leap 42 that they can test
this out?
Create a file called deletme.txt and add a few words plus a uncommon word like
slartybartfast into it.
Copy deleteme.txt to deleteme.ttt
At command line type baloosearch slartybartfast

You should see both files listed.

This fails on Manjaro-kde and Opensuse 13.2, only one file is indexed.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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