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Re: [opensuse] desktop icons and folderview swapping sides
On 01/16/2016 11:11 AM, John Andersen wrote:
I currently use exactly one activity, and then I use different desktops
within that single activity. In KDE4, you could have different wallpaper
on each desktop, but the programmers forgot how to do this and stripped out
this capability in their relentless bid to force activities down our throats.
I suspect future versions of KDE will simply get rid of multiple desktops
all together. Now that, after 20 years, these are available in Windows 10
so KDE will have to drop them.

I like desktops with different wallpaper, but I've also got a valid use case. I
support a group of researchers who use openSUSE for computational
science and signal processing. They will create 20 desktops with different
processing scenarios and dance around between them as needed. They
use the different wallpapers as a navigation aid to help their awareness
of where they are in their multiple desktop topography.

As an aside, I was also able to wean them from Matlab dependency over
the past few years. We're exclusively using Scientific Python now, and loving

FWIW, Windows is not an option for serious technical work, as if I had to
say it here. Windows will need MUCH more than multiple desktops to become
even marginally useful.


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