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Re: [opensuse] Question Leap: fonts and colours
Basil Chupin composed on 2016-01-16 18:14 (UTC+1100):

Felix Miata wrote:

Basil Chupin composed on 2016-01-14 23:20 (UTC+1100):

What happens when you run MC from an IceWM session instead of Plasma?

Haven't tried to do this. I am confirmed KDE user and installing IceWM
probably would mean installing more packages, right?

It's already installed, unless you took great pains to eradicate it. Even a
minimal X installation includes it.

I have no idea what went on to cause it, but you camoflaged the result by
shrinking the image to 161px wide and leaving out your taskbar/panel for

Well, I didn't shrink the image but simply captured a small portion of
the screen :-) . But to keep you in good spirits here is the full
version of same in full technicolor Cinemaskoppe glory :-) :


Run MC from Konsole

Umm....I *always* run mc from Konsole.....

instead of menu and you should be good, or at least,
better. Or, was Konsole only a teensy tiny fraction of the screen with
microscopic fonts too?

What resolution is your 27" screen?


109 DPI, so things are a bit small to start with if your eyesight isn't top
twenty or your nose is unusually close to your screen.

There are always vttys to run mc on too, using fullscreen.

Just on this suggestion: trying to use ALT-F2 to run mc simply results
in nothing happening. And trying to use Terminal - Super User Mode also
results in nothing happening.

Are you sure it isn't just a tiny blob hiding under an icon? :-)

Alt-F2 doesn't get anyone out of Xorg onto a vtty. Ctrl-Alt-Fn will, which
was my suggestion.
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