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Re: [opensuse] Question Leap: fonts and colours
To be clear, I'm exclusively addressing fonts here, not colors.

Basil Chupin composed on 2016-01-14 18:29 (UTC+1100):

I have Leap 42 installed as a test system on the same computer as
openSUSE 13.2 -- but as separate booting systems.

I am also using the very latest versions of Thunderbird and Firefox on
Leap and 13.2 -- but the important part to the question I am asking here
is that I am using, thru the use of symlinks, the *same* '/.mozilla' and
'/.thunderbird' in both Leap and 13.2. And here is the problem followed
by the question:

in 13.2 I have selected the fonts I like to be used in both TB and FF as

Fonts you select in FF are only used on web pages that do not dictate fonts
to be used, or when the dicatated fonts are not available, or when you
disallow pages to specify fonts. Most web pages seem to go out of their way
to prevent your choice of fonts to be seen on your computer. Here's an
example of a CSS rule used by a typical web page:

html, body {font-family:1em "Lucida Grande", Arial, "DejaVu Sans", Verdana,

Above is actually excerpted from which is a bit atypical
by including Verdana only after several others.

The way the rule works is the first font in that list that is available on
your system is the one that will be used for the html and body elements,
unless overridden by a more specific CSS rule. Sans-serif will only be used
if all four of the others in the list are unavailable. The meaning of
sans-serif depends first on your Firefox setting for sans-serif. If you've
set that to a specific family that is actually installed on your system,
that's what will display. If it's invalidly set, or it remains set to sans or
sans-serif, then the font actually used will be the result you get when you run

fc-match sans-serif


fc-match sans

The result of that command will probably differ between your Leap and your
13.2, especially if you're a KDE user or if you're not using the same WM/DE
on both installations. You'll probably also see differences from

fc-match serif
fc-match monospace

With the example rule above, the font most likely to be displayed will be
DejaVu Sans, as Lucida Grande is a Mac font few non-Mac users have installed,
Arial is a Microsoft font (which some Linux users have installed), and DejaVu
Sans is installed by default on openSUSE installations.

well as the background colours and font colours -- however, in both I am
allowing fonts used by the originating source to be used for displaying
the text. (Trying to explain this is getting hairy but I hope that you
are getting the picture :-( ).

when I use both Firefox and Thunderbird in Leap the font and the colour
chosen in 13.2 are ignored even though the same /.mozilla and
/.thunderbird are being used. I have also selected the same colours and
fonts in the System Settings (Startup>System Settings>whatever).

Why am I getting a different result when using Leap to what I get in 13.2?

Fonts installed by default in Leap are different than in 13.2, and fonts
rendering configuration was changed in Leap as well. See for some details.

The monospace font default in Leap is Source Code Pro, a font unlikely
installed on your 13.2. The differences between 13.2 and Leap for Serif and
Sans-Serif are tricker to describe. For some settings combinations the result
could be Liberation on both, while for others 13.2 might be DejaVu vs. Leap
Roboto or Noto. Noto and Roboto are tough to tell apart. If you're using KDE,
you might see Oxygen, in Gnome, Cantarell. Open on Leap to see how
different DejaVu Sans is from Cantarell, Liberation Sans, Oxygen and Noto.

Because of the differences in rendering configuration, identical font
families can look different on different installations using the same hardware.

Anyone have a suggestion, or two, please?

It depends on what you want. If you want identical on both, you have work to
do in the bowels of fontconfig, your desktop font settings, and your choices
of installed fonts.

BTW, evern though I haven't upgraded a copy of TW to the latest, I am
getting the same results as in Leap: different fonts and colour schemes.
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