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Re: [opensuse] software updates in LEAP system tray
On 12/01/16 06:48, George Olson (SUSE list) wrote:
On 01/11/2016 11:35 PM, Neil Rickert wrote:
On 01/10/2016 11:11 PM, George Olson (SUSE list) wrote:

1 - what is the name of the program/application/daemon that is running
the software updates reminder that keeps popping up in my system tray?
Apper is not installed on my new system, and I was not able to figure it

I'm not certain, but I think it is "plasma5-pk-updates".

2 - What does everyone thinkabout the new software updates management
tool? Should I get rid of it and go back to my old practice? (thatis
what I intend to do unless there are good reasons not to) Do people like
it? Are the updates better now that Leap is a more stable system?

You can disable the updates in system tray settings. That's what I
have done.

I left it enabled on one system, for a while. And it seemed to work
reasonably well (better than Apper). But it was too noisy for my
liking, and I prefer doing update in other ways (Yast online update
and zypper).

Ok, thanks. I also figured out that you can go to /etc/PackageKit
and edit the file ZYpp.conf:

## If set to true, only show updates that are available as maintenance
# HidePackages=false

By setting HidePackages to true, it is supposed to be less noisy. I am
going to try it this way at first and see how it goes.

I recently installed Leap with KDE on a new system for my parents. IMO, this new package applet is the most ghastly implementation in any version of openSUSE.


1) The bloody thing pops up incessantly, even if you 'acknowledge' it by clicking the system tray icon. I've gone into its configuration and told it to only pop up once a month (it has no 'off' setting in the GUI), and ensured the system is up-to-date, but it comes back. It ignores the setting. This is exactly the kind of annoyance that drove me off Windows 12 years ago.

2) Musing over whether I really wanted to trust my parents to apply updates, I gave it a test under their user account. When it popped up, I clicked the button to install the updates, expecting it to prompt me at some point for the root password. It began downloading, then kept progressing, and entirely finished the job, without ever prompting me. WTF?

I have granted no special root privileges to my parents' user account. Okay, so I could probably configure things somewhere to restrict access, but as far as I know, this has never been the way things have worked before. Just as with the default autologin, it feels like another brick in the wall that makes Linux naturally secure has been chipped away in the name of 'user friendliness'. If I had done other things during the install or in later configuration such as accepting autologin on this account and selecting the 'make this account the administrator' option, I could understand such a default. But I haven't. It's a multi-user machine. I only want package updates handled by root.

3) Going back to point 1), there is no 'off' setting, or obvious way to disable the update utility. In the end the only way I could find to stop it without delving into config files was to edit the system tray settings and deselect it as one of the entries.

I recall reading threads on the ML about last-minute addition of a Plasma package updater. Perhaps this is it. But given the great stability Leap is being touted for, I think it would have been better off leaving it as an installable option, not a default.

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