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Re: [opensuse] I am confused: "high end" graphics Laptop for Suse (in Spain)?
On 01/12/2016 07:00 AM, Daniel Bauer wrote:
Hi list(eners)

I need to buy a new laptop and am very confused with the new hardware
and it's compatibility with OpenSuse (I guess I will install leap?),
especially this secure boot thing etc.

I see that most of the laptops come with Win10 plus special stuff (cloud
space and don't know what else), but I plan to reformat the disks and
make a pure, fully encrypted Linux-machine, no dual boot, but Win within
a virtualbox (needed for some camera software).

What do I have to look for/make sure to have/not have, so that I can do
a more or less easy install without being an expert, and without too
much time to tinker and solve problems?

Anybody has experience with recent HP, Asus, Lenovo? And how about
Toshiba, which always seem to be cheaper?

The tests I found are outdated (or not dated) or not related to Linux.
So any hints are much appreciated!

(And if anybody has hints where to best buy in Spain: great!)



(Must-haves: 15,6", very (very!) powerful and fast in graphics for large
image/video editing, good screen, 1TB HD, maybe even + SSD for system,
good battery life, I guess with Intel i7 65xx, Nvidia, 16GB mem...)

What do you mean by high end? I have had great experience with Alienware laptops, first a 17 then 18. On the 18 I have 32GB of ram, 4TB of hard drive, dual graphics cards, i7-4940 4 core (=> 8 threads) CPU. The new ones have a newer graphics processor. I purchased mine from EBAY for $2400.00, but they show up for as much as $9000.00. I have Added two 2TB SSDs. Monitor is not touch screen, but I hate that option anyway. I have run 13.2 for over a year without any hardware problems. I built a Leap distribution on a USB drive, so I know it builds but have not upgraded my systems yet (I have 3 of these). The 18 is big and heavy, the 17 is about an inch smaller in each direction and 4 pounds lighter. I do not recall how many hard drives the 17 will accommodate, but with 2TB disks available that should not be a problem unless you do something like image processing.

Just my opinion,
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