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Re: [opensuse] disabling KMS (nomodset)
Le 04/01/2016 21:54, Felix Miata a écrit :

A secondary point I was trying to make was that those using NVidia UMS driver
are a small segment of Linux users, many of whom stick to FOSS and thus use
nouveau driver, and also a large majority of whom aren't using NVidia
gfxchips at all.

I didn't ask for nvidia driver. I just enabled nvidia repository (and after the install) and let default, and the new nvidia drivers come from OBS and are free and open

and without nomodeset (right now), the nvidia driver crashes.

I'm surprised it loads. Or, maybe it doesn't, and that's the "crash" you
experience. What does Xorg.0.log look like when nomodeset is omitted from

no chance to see them as it crashes

It's only since some update, with the default install nomodeset was not

Or maybe it was but got missed.

it booted for some days before the problem come

may be this is a clue to the solution

Could be. Could be another visit to NVidia's installation doc is in order.
Maybe it has become dependent on exactly which UMS version is being used.
Maybe the kernel is being trained to disable KMS when an nvidia driver tries
to load, but isn't absent bugginess yet. Maybe the place to ask is in an
NVidia support forum.

I only today see that the bug may be nvidia related

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