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Re: [opensuse] (offtopic) how do you organize your data?
On 04/01/16 05:28, Xen wrote:
>I will try to keep this short, but I just wanted to ask if somebody had
>seen something or knows something that I might have missed.
>First of all this question is about textual or informational data.
>Just as you can keep e.g. newspaper articles in a folder, and notes in a
>notebook, and addresses in some address book, so too can you organize
>the same kind of data digitally.
>There are three categories of information:
>- personal (information pertaining to your person and your life) (first
>- notition (self-generated data that you maintain in order to remember
>things) (second level)
>- knowledge (archived articles, may included "bookmarks" as well) (third

I do a lot of genealogy/history websites. Each site has it's own directory. As I collect tidbits of information I poke them into a sub directory named "stuff". Some, if there's enough "stuff", I put into a further sub-directory. Some are just text files in the stuff directory. When I collect enough about something to make a web page for it it gets moved into a directory under its category on the site.

Each site is like it's own file cabinet. There are drawers in the file cabinet for each category, schools, churches, obituaries, cemeteries, etc. Each drawer is full of file folders with the pages in them.

For my own genealogy I have my family tree website as above but I also have another directory named "family". In family are sub-directories for all my surnames. As I collect tidbits they go into the proper surname directory. If I want something I use Dolphin to navigate to the proper directory and find what I'm looking for.

For other types of information, like our Toro mower. I make a sub-directory in Documents for "toro" and all associated information, service manual etc., goes there.

I find Dolphin to be very useful for finding what I'm looking for as long as everything is categorized [ in it's proper file cabinet, drawer and folder ].

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