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Re: [opensuse] New to desktop usage of Linux, is OpenSuSE the right distro for this use-case?
On 12/31/2015 10:01 AM, James Knott wrote:
On 12/31/2015 12:56 PM, James Knott wrote:
On 12/31/2015 11:24 AM, buhorojo wrote:
We were taught that Linux ran servers
Take a look at your Android phone or tablet. It's Linux underneath.
Many electronic appliances, such as TVs, A/V receivers and more run
Linux. Of course, the super computer market is pretty well owned by
Linux. In fact, you can run openSUSE on a super computer and it looks
and behaves just like on your own computer, but just a tad faster. ;-)

Forgot to mention, Apple gear runs BSD which, like Linux. is another
Unix variant. IIRC, Blackberrys also run a type of Unix. About the
only phones that don't run some Unix variant these days are the Windows

He said even his instructor was not aware of Linux on the desktop.
You have the blind leading the blind wherever he is being schooled.

The fact that he is here on this means he is well beyond that stage.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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