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Re: [opensuse] New to desktop usage of Linux, is OpenSuSE the right distro for this use-case?
On 12/30/2015 03:44 AM, cagsm wrote:
I recently tried Leap for a desktop machine, but e.g. Firefox would
not play most web video sites, e.g. youtube or similar,

Your problem is not LEAP since I get this with Firefox on 13.1/13.2.
FF won't play most of the youtube that I visit.
And no, I'm not talking about junk, I'm talking about how-to and product
review and how to install, repair types, that is PRACTICAL articles.

However its not a licensing issue either, as when that happens I just
copy/paste the URL into KDE's Kongueror and it plays fine there complete
with audio.

If I were being an obsessive-compulsive about the matter I would try
pasting into google-chrome, chromium, reconq and qupzilla.

The Firefox/Thunderbird suite has an amazing number of add-ins and
extensions that boost its utility, but its also getting to be a thorny
mess of questionable stability. This is bad because email and web
browser are key internet components.

I'd love it if Konqueror matches Firefox, but its seems to be dying now
that Dolphin has taken over as a file manager, and KMail seems
perennially beset by fiddly little problems[1], too many of them tied in
to indexing (possibly why FF uses plain text and sqlite3).

*HOWEVER*, getting back to the ${SUBJECT}, if the use-case is simply
Firefox (or web browsing) and/or email, and the constraint is Firefox &
Thunderbird, then there's not going be much difference between the Linux
distributions to run that. In fact there's not going to be much
difference between Linux and Apple/OSX other than price, and not much
difference between Linux and Windows. You need to look to other

[1] As in: I've wasted to many hours trying, futilely, to get
thekmail2/akonadi combo to work. I really don't understand duplicating
plain text into the database. I'm already doing that with Dovecot.
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