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Re: [opensuse] 13.1 Virtualbox Stopped Working??? Looks like update killed it, but which? How to fix?
On 12/29/2015 06:00 PM, Xen wrote:

Normally on Windows, without that extension pack, the USB 2.0 controller is also
disabled, but the USB 1.1 controller should work.

It seems your error is only related to the fact that you have a saved state. You
could attempt to delete the saved state, and simply reboot the machine? Reset
the machine? That should clear the error?

You won't have USB 2.0, perhaps, but I don't know how critical that is.


Thanks Xen!

Well USB 2.0 is fairly critical. I use it to sync my phone. The bigger question is:

"WTF Broke?"

I have never had a problem with virtualbox since I installed 13.1. USB 2.0 has always worked -- even without /etc/udev/rules.d/60-vboxdrv.rules

I can't say that I have started virtualbox since the update to 5. Like I said in the original post -- I go months in between needing vbox, but when I need it for some specialized bit of law-related software -- I need it!

Yes, I got vbox to boot by disabling USB-2.0, but that begs the question - why is it now not working when it always has before. At least for:

(and the similar 'host' packages)

I was able to get the depositions converted to pdf, but now how do I get USB-2.0 going again so I can plug my phone in again? What to check/test.

Has anyone else noticed USB-2.0 stopped working? What to try to get it going again?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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