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Re: [opensuse] For ethernet, what does "device unconfigured" mean
On 12/28/2015 12:05 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
don fisher composed on 2015-12-28 11:40 (UTC-0700):

An unconfigured Ethernet device means that the system detect a hardware
Ethernet device with a specific MAC address and does not find a matching
configuration, ifcfg-ethX file.
The udev system matches your hardware Ethernet device with the name eth1, but
you do not have a file ifcfg-eth1. Same goes for your wireless device.

How does one fix this. I do not have eth1 any more. I deleted it and
started over thinking all would be set up correctly. Why does the udev
system want to match Ethernet MAC address to eth1, and not use eth0? I
see no reference to a MAC address in the ifcfg file. I only have a
single Ethernet adapter in the laptop. Also a single wireless adapter...

Look in /etc/udev/rules.d/ for a file


It is probably there assigning the MAC address you want on eth0 to eth1.
Likely it has two assignment lines. Just changing the assignment on the right
address, a single character edit, and deleting the other line should be all
you need to do before rebooting to find what you expected in the first place.

Adding a zero byte file


in rules.d/ might help to avoid future perplexity. See (near its bottom):

There are just two lines in 70-persistent-net.rules. Both have an ATTR(address) entry, but the ATTR(dev_id)=="0x0 and the ATTR(type)=="1". I have forgotten how to determine the MAC address. lspci shows a lot of info, but no mac address.

lsattr on the troublesome machine has entries like

while on my functioning machine I get:
---------------- ./scripts
---------------- ./if-up.d
---------------- ./if-down.d
---------------- ./providers
---------------- ./routes
---------------- ./routes.YaST2save
---------------- ./ifroute-wlp11s0
---------------- ./ifcfg.template
---------------- ./dhcp
---------------- ./ifcfg-enp9s0
---------------- ./ifcfg-wlp11s0
---------------- ./config
---------------- ./ifcfg-lo

Any more suggestions?
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