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Re: [opensuse] Wiki as foundation of a community
I am sorry, I didn't mean to send that last email.

jdd schreef op 28-12-2015 13:36:
Le 28/12/2015 11:51, stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

So about wiki having to be "messy" I do not agree so much.

a wiki "can" be messy, but it's not a necessity, just a fact. The
solution is already in place: have "portals" that do the organization
work, have a wiki team to correct syntax problems (for example, using
templates or editing tables is pretty hard), but writing infos should
never be blocked.

It is a fact but it is a necessary fact.

These portals create too many layers.

It is written and structured as a compendium for offline viewing, or for print.

Anybody going to the wiki would be going there for the DISTRIBUTION. They would be looking for stuff like:

- known problems
- installation advice and howtos
- guides on how to achieve the most-wanted things
- stuff that is not as easy, less apparent.

- stuff that ordinary users would want to do, the most common items.

Because: everything that is apparent, does not need to be described. You don't need to create a how-to on
a wiki on how to install OpenSUSE 13.2 with KDE (just like that) because anyone will be able to do that
without a guide.

It becomes interesting if a wiki guide goes into details that are harder to understand.

The wiki is for difficult stuff.

The portals again function as an advertizing agency. It is meant to sell a product, or convey an image.

To have a certain presentation. These are really 'tertiary' motives. They shouldn't be the primary organisation

Just go to the Distribution portal and see how it is an advertisment:

There's not any hint that it is a wiki.

It is more of a wiki being used to created a published website (for promotional purposes).

for example, each time a solution is found for a problem on this list,
an article should be written to the wiki for future reference (list
archives are pretty useless)

Well that is cute but a "should" is not the same as "I feel like doing that straight away because it is fun
and rewarding and functions to strengthen my personal knowledge base in accordance with what others need".

Sorry if I am cracking down on what you say.

I am very grateful for your constructive reply.

I just want to say that the impression that the wiki is being used as a promotional asset, is only getting stronger.

There are some people, apparently, that have taken to selling the product using such means.


I don't think it is necessary to sell a product if a product is good.
Something like a Linux distribution must be sold on word of mouth mostly, and quality of information, not "quality
of presentation" the way it has been done here.

Well, my opinion, of course. I just don't think that it works.

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