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Re: [opensuse] On forum meds [was On forum mods]
Ruben Safir schreef op 28-12-2015 5:16:

I'm just following up on Linda posting:

I actually think that wasn't posted to the list, just to a few of us, and it still did have the [opensuse] thing, but I think you replied to the list.


I use that term in quotes, because accused "people of color" are
rarely tried by a similar jury or even a partially similar jury --
especially in some southern states where prosecutors may reject people
of color for being less likely to convict one of their peers and/or
not knowing "white-person's laws".



and she left out Automatic weapons and runaway grand juries of examples
of Citizen rights and actions which are encouraged and permitted to
defend oneself against a tyrannical government.

It's funny that Europeans or perhaps just Dutch people would always shy away from such things.

In general, when it comes down to it, no matter how much the police are a-holes, in the end we'd just blink twice, and then blink a little more, and then consider whether we would actually want that kinda world.

And then, seeing as that both the cops and the civilians are blinking, the cops might reconsider what they've been doing. We're too small a country to have a real split between "police and civilian" of that size or magnitude, that you'd really see that kind of thing happening.

On the other hand, the gap or divide is big enough that there are still a lot of people being employed by such agencies as police, psychiatry, or the justice department that do not mind much feasting on the corpses of their fellow citizens/countrymen. In other words: making a living off of putting people in cages.

I am reminded again of the "Barbarian" in the game of "Diablo 2" who, upon entering the Jail beneath the Barracks, that leads towards the Catacombs, in act 1, utters the phrase:

/No one should be caged./

And I'm kinda of the same opinion.

Having been caged for quite some time now.

We have, FWIW, definitely reached the point of a tyrannical government,
thanks to the abuse of technology, as a matter of fact. The idea that
the government might correct itself like it did with the SOPA battle,
remains to be seen.

I believe having communities of a small enough size, that can then group into larger communities also of a small enough size (grassroots hierarchy) is the main component in keeping life sane.

I am originally from a town that is famous (in this country) for its "everyone knows everyone" culture. This is often criticized or even ridiculed for the gossip that may happen in such small or enclosed communities (think 20k inhabs) . But.. at the same time, they are a people who are accustomed to dealing with matters by themselves.

They are more inclined to ask questions before shooting.

In the larger Dutch culture, people are more inclined to shoot before asking questions.

THIS IS relevant for a Linux distribution as well.

I may have gotten into fights about it here ;-).

Anyway Ruben, I don't think Linda posted to the list.
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