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[opensuse] Leap on Lenovo 201 - failure to start any x session
I tried to install Leap on a Lenovo X201, all updates during install.

Results so far:
if you password protect grub, it works but the unlocking in order to access a
"failsafe setting" does not work.
If you take of the passwordprotection of grub then then you find out that a
failsafe session has simply not been set up. So I will have to do that by hand
and since
it does not seem that it accepts boot parameters in grub I will have to put
them into yast. If somebody knows the settings for a X201 it would be nice to
tell me.

Login: encrypted lvm works, the boot runs without error up to when sddm should
start the session but:
if autologin is off: just promt, no sddm screen

if autologin is on: tty1 with login , no graphical desktop. user can login via
cli, but no x.

loging in to preexisting accounts shows normal file structure and content, so
not a problem of the hdd or filesystem.

Login in a new user shows /bin and just one more fiel (which is normal, the
xsession of that user never started.

How can I find out why the xsession does not start. I get no error message what
so ever.
I checked in /etc/sddm.conf and minj VT is set correctly for VT7.
dmesg gives no help, no errors
journalctl no errors

Any way to find out why plasma 5 does not start at all? It would be nice to
have at least an error message.

BTW: the graphics and mask for the encrypted lvm are displayed normal. So the
intel graphics and settings are sensed correctly. At least during boot.

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