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Re: [opensuse] bugzilla broken? [was bugzilla wtf]
On 27/12/15 08:56 AM, Robert Schweikert wrote:
On 12/27/2015 07:36 AM, listreader wrote: >> Howdy... >> >> I have been
trying to file a bug (see thread with
title: 13.2 LUKS boot >> problem). I get the form, fill it out, but am
unable to submit because >> everything continually times out with Bad
Gateway. WTF? >> >> > > I
filed a ticket, sorry that is the best I can do. >
This answer would have sufficed. Evidently, the OP might not know what a
"Bad Gateway" error is, so perhaps an explanation of that might have
been in order. However, the condescension of the remainder of your post
was quite unnecessary.

For Ralph: The server where one creates/submits a bug report probably is
not the same system where the reports are actually stored after they are
submitted. The two systems, for whatever reason, could not communicate
with each other when you tried to submit, so the one you were connected
to gave you the error message (for your future reference, it is an HTML
502 error, in case you wish to learn more about it).

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