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Re: [opensuse] making iso from distribution bootable usb stick
On 27 December 2015 at 11:01, jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We all probably know several ways to create a bootable usb stick from an iso
image. I have lot of them in my openSUSE booth kit.

But from time to time, pretty rarely, I get a computer that do not want to
boot my usb pen. I had that yesterday, a 32 bits computer that booted leap
64 usb (onbly to say it can't install it, of course), but refused to boot
13.2 32 bits (that booted perfectly on the next computer).

So, as I don't want to keep several dvd with me, I would like to know how to
extract the iso from the usb device to copy it to a blank dvd (I can have
spare ones).

optionally, I was said it's possible with debian usb pen to boot any
(probably debian) media, plug the usb and continue install from there. Is it
possible to do the same with openSUSE? If so, I could use a single boot dvd
and run after this any usb pen

in other words, is it possible to launch yast-install from the command line?


I own a Zalman 'ISO Drive' like

This is an external hard drive case (you have to supply the hard
drive) which can emulate a CD drive by reading the ISOs on the hard
disk, then acting like a DVD drive with the ISO in the drive.

On this Zalman I keep all my ISOs, and then when I find myself in a
situation like yours, I can boot to the 'USB CD Drive' the system
sees, with my chosen ISO on it

If you were 'out in the field' and just wanted a 'quick and dirty' way
of getting the installer working on a machine that for some reason
cannot boot a USB device, I'd look at something like Network

The short version of these instructions would be
- Download the initrd and linux/vmlinuz file from the folder for the distribution you want to install
- Either modify the grub config (advanced) to use those vmlinuz and
initrd files to boot into the install system, then do a network
install as usual OR
- use kexec to load the installation kernel and install that way

Of course, this requires an internet connection, which is why I really
like my Zalman :)
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