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Re: [opensuse] The community demands for Richard Brown to resign Now
On 27-12-15 10:48, Ruben Safir wrote:
On 12/27/2015 03:17 AM, Andrew Wafaa wrote:

The decision to ban Carlos was not Richard's, it was the openSUSE Board
elected by members of the openSUSE project that decided. Those members
are people who are active within the project, helping drive the
innovation forward and ensuring that openSUSE stays competitive with our
peers. Those members have entrusted the Board to look after the best
interests of the project, and that is what they strive to do.

The Board received multiple complaints from openSUSE members about
Carlos' activity on the mailing lists, especially on opensuse-factory.
Several people have tried to explain that bombarding a mailing list with
emails which don't reflect the topic of the list - factory is for
Tumbleweed and developmental issues. Carlos believed he was doing no
wrong and continued to ignore people's public and private complaints.

This is when the Board took the decision to give Carlos a warning, which
he also decided to ignore. We then voted on what action to take. That is
when the decision to ban Carlos came up. Several Board members felt a
much harder line should have been taken, Richard was actually one that
calmed some of us down - to be frankly honest I am one of those that
felt this is too weak.

If you would like some definitive action, may I suggest you walk the
talk instead of just firing your mouth off. Postulating like that
benefits no-one and those that actually care and roll their sleeves up
with contributions ignore much of these theatrics.

I have a better idea, let them all resign rather that pretending that
was reason enough to ban someone from any of the OpenSuSE channels, let
enough ALL of them.

Frankly Andrew, you should leave and the project would be better off.
There is never a need for anyone like you, regardless of any
contribution you make. The Moral Price is too high. You just don't
treat people like that unless your a Facist, let alone someone like
Carlos who has put in nearly 20 years of continual community service.

What's wrong with you Andrew? You don't know how to use procmail either
when someone is annoying you, rather than amuse supreme dictatorship
position and not only ban him from factory, but ban him ***across the

This just tells me and the whole world that your a totally asshole who
if ever had a semblance of real power or authority would be a threat to
the general public. What is next? Call in the Muslim Brotherhood and
have him executed by stoning?

Step Down Andrew. Do the right thing and preclude yourself from any
involvement with the public until you've had a complete psychological
evaluation with a medical follow up.


Having read the previous threads as well as this one, I can only conclude that the temporarily ban of Carlos was just. Maybe he understand now that alcohol and Internet are not a good combination.

Now Mister Safir is stepping in to make that noise. Given the tone and perceived rudeness I personally expect him to be banned too. Now, if Carlos and Ruben where the same person, I can understand this behavior of making noise again.

My advise, accept things like they are and move on so that this list is not further cluttered with more noise and no substance.


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