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Re: [opensuse] On forum mods
On 12/27/2015 12:23 AM, Xen wrote:
Carlos E. R. schreef op 27-12-2015 3:18:

On 2015-12-27 00:04, Xen wrote:
I do feel it is inappropriate forwarding the mail to the list, to
circumvent the ban.

It is also inappropriate to accuse one person of things (what RB is
doing to me now), if I'm unable to defend myself and refute his
points. Other people here, no matter how well meaning, don't know the
facts and can't refute him.

I know, but patience. Circumventing the ban will be held against you.
Sometimes you just have to 'suffer ill fortune'.

I guess in the end everything would be revealed, but it might take a
while :(.

Trust me, I have very unfair treatment going against my own person but
you still have to play by the rules (of human conduct, so to speak) to win.

There is no historical evidence for that, whatsoever.

The rules of the game are set. Life is about discovering them and then
not violating them ;-). If you play by the rules, you win ;-).
Eventually, at least.

One more thing.
Ruben and all,

I appreciate your understanding. But one request: please moderate your
language :-))

But letting your feelings out can also feel very good ;-). Particularly
when another does it.

I mean you are right and I'm still not clear on everything. And I often
land myself in a lot of trouble by using hard language.

But I have found no alternative as of now for myself. Maybe it is
because I'm young and uncontested ;-).

Overall I feel little regret in having used these words, but I do regret
the outcomes.

And sometimes the same word, uttered without negative aggression, can
have a very positive impact, immediately.

Politely insulting people, yes, heh ;-).

People often take stabs at you and I often respond with an insult before
they leave......

I know it is a moment of instant rage, but thus far I agree with it more
than my behaviour of the past. I never insulted people.

This means that today, I am more often in the situation that I cannot
count on certain people anymore. They would not help me because I have
insulted them.

Had I held my tongue, they would still be helping me but I would suffer
for it. More.

So for today I prefer to be alone and without help rather than be with
help but not make myself clear.

It is also impatience, and expressing something faster, perhaps.

I understand it is your way of talking. It is, to a big extent, that
of many of my fellow countrymen, too. (And mine. Spanish is a rich
language in insults). Yet you say that I'm very polite. Thus you will
understand what an effort of self restraint it is to me to not only be
polite but appear to be so ;-)

And in a different language and for an international audience!

And being externally polite, but with un-polite back-meaning is, I
learned recently, called "being passive-aggressive", something which
I'm unable to detect. My failure.

It's not your failure. Passive aggressive is not a flaw. It is a way to
deal with a stronger opponent. If you cannot resist or rebel in any
obvious way, you will do so with more subtle means.

Actually it is those times when you were not passive-aggresive that they
now (also) hold against you.

When you made visible stabs.

In general we can say that your natural mode of behaviour is something
that works for you.

If you change it, or follow someone else's advice, you lose the
integration of your person. You will start to act in ways that are not
congruent with who you are.

So first advice is always: stay who you are. Don't deviate from it.
Don't follow advice from another person. Don't do it if you wouldn't
have done it yourself.

My native way of talking would be the contrary: speak rough, but with
kind meaning. We can tell someone lovingly "son of a bitch" (hijo de
puta, hdp, hideputa), and it is not (always) an insult (a mother can
tell that to her son, lovingly). But the same words can be a huge
insult depending on the tone and real intent. Complicated, is it not?

Well, I ask you to be as polite as you possibly can. Rough handling
others will not help me. I know how difficult it can be ;-)

Alright but I often cannot hold my tongue. It is just impossible ;-).

And it might be an excuse to ban others :-(

I am more hungry than concerned with being banned somewhere or not :-/.

I guess these are rather first-world problems for me.

I usually don't even have food these days.

So don't mind me, but I do not have patience or time for being "polite".


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