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[opensuse] 13.2 LUKS boot problem (new, circa 16th December 2015)
  • From: listreader <suselist@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2015 14:17:02 -0600
  • Message-id: <20151226141702.25508a7d@msbhpmain.privatesite>

I have a system that mounts at boot two LUKS-encrypted partitions. Both
swap and home are encrypted, with different passwords. Ordinarily, I am
asked at boot for the passwords, one at a time, each time in an
unlabeled graphical box consisting of a data-entry field and a padlock
icon. Though the box is completely unlabeled as to which password it
is asking for, I know from long experience that it is swap first
wanted, then the box cleared and redrawn, then home password wanted.
There has always been a quite sufficient wait-time while the machine
waits for the data entry.

Sometime around 16th December this changed. The process still works
fine for the swap password, box is drawn and machine pauses awaiting
the password entry, but the graphical box is never drawn for the second
(home) password and the machine thus boots without mounting home.

If I F12 the boot, I can see the request for the 2nd password scroll by
in the text console, but it doesn't pause for data entry, immediately
times out, and again boots without the second encrypted drive.

If I immediately and quickly type the 2nd password as soon as I see it
scroll by, it's accepted and home is mounted. If I'm a bit slow, it
doesn't mount and reports an incorrect password in the log.

I've looked at the logs after failed mounts and I see systemd messages
reporting the failures, but the messages seem to be different each
time. And I see no messages in there at all from the graphical boot
thing (plymouth?)

Any ideas what I should be looking at here? Thanks.


My desktop is lxde (gtk) and the 13.2 os is: 3.16.7-29-desktop #1 SMP
PREEMPT Fri Oct 23 00:46:04 UTC 2015 (6be6a97) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64
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