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Re: [opensuse] The Post that got Carlos ER Banded !!
On 26/12/15 20:14, Bruce Ferrell wrote:
On 12/26/2015 12:02 AM, jdd wrote:
Le 26/12/2015 00:17, Michal Hrusecky a écrit :
What about not attacking people, behaving like an adult and not lying
and if you really want, than pickup the right mail? Constant spreading
of FUD across various mailing lists was one of the reasons for Carlos

is that true??? I fail to understand this!

who can ask to ban somebody for this!

Don't forget the translator work was extremely disturbed by a work chain
change, the less we can say was done without enough thinking.

I have seen much worst threads like right now one about Jesus that have
little to do with openSUSE... but I won't ask to ban anybody for that.

There are always solution to such conflicts, in a constructive manner.

and don't forget we are on board renew period, so go to be candidate!
Having been the recipient of Carlos "assistance" more than once, I'm going to
weigh in here... His banning, temporary or otherwise is good for the list and
OpenSUSE. There isn't
any single incident, but patterns, I'm sure that earned him his ban.

jdd, your "reminder" of upcoming elections strike me as an attempt to
intimidate those making decisions or who would speak against you ( a pretty
clumsy one at that )... And
significantly less than constructive.

Yes, you're a volunteer. If you're unhappy with the directions the distro is
going, may I suggest that you vote with your feet? I am. As I find time, my
systems are moving away
from Suse and OpenSUSE. The "bro-grammer" mentality that has come to infect
what used to be a very sound distribution has become intolerable.

What are you moving to, do you mind telling me? One is always on the
lookout for alternatives to possibly use at some time in the future so
your input would be useful.

Just my two cents worth


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