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Re: [opensuse] move the mailing list

....calm down?

I mean I don't know you and I haven't read all of the other responses, but.


"Control yourself".

Watch some anime ;-).

I agree Carlos is a good ambassador.

Sometimes things get out of hand.

Ideally people find a way of dealing with trouble by being respectful.

It is a matter of wisdom and principles understood.

But you can hardly blame people for being imperfect.

Everyone is human, everyone makes mistakes. I'm sorry if this sounds opposite to what I said before.

I usually don't go back to a heated debate for a while to let things calm down (before I respond again).

Sometimes better if others take the heat or provide the balance.

But if something there much also be room for imperfection.

Admitting imperfection is humility. Humility means we are all human. It also means that, as a leader, you make mistakes.

What we often see is a kind of air of impeccability when leaders only crack down on people who step out of bounds while not taking a look at themselves.

I guess that is what upsets you / us. So I think there is room for all being more human in our imperfection. There is no blame and really also no shame in being imperfect.

I should tell myself that one day. Or maybe I am ;-).

Let's admit our failings and let's not hold other people to a higher standard than we do ourselves.

Signing out...

Ruben Safir schreef op 25-12-2015 23:42:
On Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 02:36:38PM -0800, FC wrote:
On 12/25/2015 02:31 PM, Ruben Safir wrote:
>Maybe it is time to move this mailing list away from these idiots and create a
>new official opensuse list.
Ruben Safir - 15:46 25.12.15 wrote:

>Intolorant facist bastands ... YES - I said your an intolorant
>facist bastard...and I don't think facist bastards should find
>suse mailings lists a safe place to ply their censorship..

It looks to me like now, you, in so many (unwise words) are asking
for the board to ban you next. Calling a board member a facist
bastard is just completely bad taste.

I know, Hitler said that to my Father before he removed him from his position
in the German Civil Service on Kristal Notch.

Make no mistake about it, banning Carlos, was the move of a FACIST,
and there is no way of talking yourself out of it.

My behavior is not the one on trial here, and the "board", if it is
smart, walks carefully, not to do more facist censoring
if it expects to repair their fucked up reputation with our community.

Just to put it on record, as well, Carlos ER was a better ambassador
for the SuSE project than any of the facists that that censored him.


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