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RE: Re: [opensuse] MP3 support in browser FF, Seamonkey and Chromium broken?
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Von: Wolfgang Rosenauer
Gesendet: Mo. 21.12.2015 22:04
An: opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: [opensuse] MP3 support in browser FF, Seamonkey and Chromium
works for me with Firefox but if you look at the archive I raised a
thread today "GStreamer Fluendo MP3" because I think something weird is
going on. At this moment I cannot tell what is causing this. Do you have
an idea when it stopped working for you?


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I can tell you the following. I have been to Belgium and given the
circumstances I do not update there but run only zypper patch.
That was two month without update from Packman. The problem seems to come from
openSUSE because I had the first problems about 1,5 month ago. Sometimes the
sound of Chromium stopped to work while FF did work still without problem. Then
for a period, when I was using FF instead, FF stopped working on and off,
Chromium stayed blocked and Seamonkey worked. So I thought it might be a
Now recently, Chromium worked, FF did stop functioning (with MP3) and Seamonkey
continued to be normal.
When I went to Germany a few days ago I took the occasion to run zypper up. So
this pulled in a lot of packages from ffmpeg.
Right afterwards all was broken.
I tried to put remedy and installed vlc. The error message was: vlc could not
start, check your configuration. Now even the system sound did stop to work,
all was broken.
In my desperation I tried to set up via yast. Works within Yast with testsound.
But no systemsound in kde. And now it showed: no device for reproduction.
So at the end I searched in /etc to find "Pulse" folder.
I erased it and nothing worked any more. As "Pulse" was not recreated after
reboot, I did force reinstall all pulse related packages.
Now I am at the point that:
FF is not reproducing anything, nor Chromium nor Seamonkey. But NOW after all
this, Konqueror now works.
I have no flashplayer installed on the system.
I am using codec files and libxine2 libraries.
I tried fluendo of packman and of opensuse before, does make no difference.

My wild guess (NOT an "informed one") would be that one as primary engine)
But this is a "wild" one, so more something for the mystic Nibelungen chant,
not so much for sound evidence. ;-)

In short:
first problems (without packman changes about 1.5 month ago.
Breakage once done zypper up two days ago. I would therefore search for
something going on about 1.5 month ago.

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