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Re: [opensuse] Re: "no valid journal superlock found" on mkfs & mount ext4 [Solved][Closed]
Le 12/12/2015 20:42, Anton Aylward a écrit :

Are you saying that the threshold (or what actually works) moves?
Can we assume that 32G sticks and chips are the new baseline and they do
work, even when advertised as 128G?

Incidentally, I ran f3fix and reset it to an 8G device and put a file
system on that. What is it that determines how large a USB device
_appears_ to be?

I don't know how safe it is to use only the real size, computers may be tricked to bypass and these devices are really fragiles

(three on five 128Gb pen drives I buy died before the end of the test!).

What I say is than nowaday there are no more 32Gb fakes (for what I know of), the problems may be about speed, and I buy routinely fast 32Gb sd cards for around $12 (amazon), so also this problem is fading.

non, as the capacity increase, fakes are found on high end cheap ones.

the first 3 fakes I buy where $12 each for 128Gb, the second test was $15, and where also fakes (counterfeits Kingston - but I could only see that when received on the blister).

The next one I buy from china was $30 and was working only on usb2 (crash on usb3 write, works on usb3 read)

Then I could buy a working usb3 128Gb pen drive for around $35 from amazon. working, but at usb2 speed :-(

I guess in 6 month from now there will be no more 128Gb fakes, but may be 512Gb fakes :-(

right now fast 128Gb pen drives are more expensive than ssds...

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