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Re: [opensuse] double dual boot with windows
On 12/09/2015 11:07 PM, jdd wrote:
Le 09/12/2015 22:59, stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

Link for gparted:

gparted is the way to lose partitions (on install). It writes data on
disk too fast

openSUSE install *do not write anything before last install step*


Gparted is an excellent partitioning tool. When I've run it from a live
CD such as Parted Magic, I have never had issues. For a newer linux
user (which the OP seems to be), in my opinion it is easier and safer to
use. It is less complex than the Suse partitioner for a novice.

That being said, my approach has been:

1 - Defragment the drive from within the windows partition, using the
windows defragment tool.

2. Shrink the Windows partition from within Windows (using the windows
tools) leaving unpartitioned space for Linux. In this way you first
decide how much space to leave for Windows. If you have/made win
recovery disks, this procedure is very safe.
3. Reboot into the live CD/DVD partitioner and partition the unallocated
space (created in 2) into your desired linux partitions.

However, since this is a win 8.1 machine you have to decide whether you
want to use secure boot or only UEFI. I would suggest reading up about
Secure Boot/JEFI, GPT partitions etc., before undertaking this
installatiion (sorry I don't have good links offhand), Also make a plan
for how many linux partitions to use, for a novice I would suggest as
simple a partiton scheme as possible. Either two or three partitons
(swap and / only, or swap, / and /home only). Gustav.
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