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Re: [opensuse] double dual boot with windows
Le 09/12/2015 22:12, John Andersen a écrit :
On 12/09/2015 12:26 PM, stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Yes you can install opensuse as dual boot with windows. You should
before: - create a restore disk ...

it's always advisable to make backups, but I never trashed a windows install with openSUSE (it's not the case for every linux distro)

for windows if you do not own a
full licences in case things should go south on you. - make sure
you did defragment the file system completely. This is important
when you will resize the partition of windows.

you can try the install from openSUSE. If the install say that there is no room left then you have to defragment. Better then you can reduce the partition size from within windows

If you did free up the space the procedure is straightforward and
the binding in of windows is done via the grub2 boot manager.
Windows will appear as a choice after the first boot of opensuse.

Personally I did not try the build in partition-tool for this

it works very well

Complex, and risky.

not really

And from past reports your boot partition is likely to get trashed,
either by linux or Windows.

? never seen that on many installs

Guys: Its 2015. There hasn't been a valid reason to dual boot for
10 years now.

I don't know of a single person who is happy with dual boot. Your
machine is never in the state you want it, and booting back and forth
is a pain in the ass. Every single time you upgrade either OS, you
put both systems at risk.

upgrades are a pain but didn't ever give system proiblem

Once you go Virtual you will never consider dual boot ever again.

that's plain wrong. Sharing of peripherals is not that easy


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