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RE: [opensuse] weird no power up then it works
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Do you all have any interpretation as to why this would have happened?


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By the description it has nothing to do with software. It is a hardware
The problem is compatible with a bad solder joint on your mainboard. These are
cold soldered.
So if you have a cold joint (that is, during the production, the soldering mass
was too cold, when
your mainboard heats up and the mainboard itself is cold, the contact is not
given. The soldering
mass has probably a micro-fracture, this can develop after some time due to
stress for the non perfect fit.
When it stays a little switched off, the temperature will diffuse into the
board, so there will be no differential, therefore
both metal parts will touch. Once it is warm you should have no interruption.
But it will happen from now on
very often and more and more often if this is the problem.
Once a microfracture or cold joint has formed it will worsen.

A second possibility is the video card. But it would give a clear POST code So
I would go for a cold solder.
You can try, I had a mainboard once that did not start a HDD. I did leave it
with the black screen running for
about 30/40 minutes. Once it reached a certain temperature it suddenly started.
You may try this when it happens again.


Ah, check also that it is not the cpu fan. If the latter has a problem with the
bearings, it may refuse to turn on in PWC.
So when the board has this issue, check if all fans are working (or turn on the
fan alarm in the BIOS if applicable and turn off the
"silent fan" feature if present). In this case it is much cheaper, new fan
works wonder.

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