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Re: [opensuse] specific calendar program for linux
"David C. Rankin" írta:
On 07/30/2015 11:06 AM, Istvan Gabor wrote:

I'm looking for a calendar program for linux with a specific view area.

it should look similar to the one in this image:

Days should be in horizontal order only, and places, hours of days etc.
Tasks or names could be assigned to specific places/hours during specific
For example John Doe will be staying in New York from Aug. 18-22.

Would be nice if I could export/save the data and open/import them on
another machine.

Is there something like this, open source or free, for linux?

All calendars I looked at (screenshots) has days both horizontally and



As for as a true cross-platform, php/mysql groupware solution, I have used
eGroupWare for the past decade and been 100% impressed. It is a complete
calendar/contact/knowledge base/todo/call log/project manager/e-mail/and a lot
more/ solution with caldav and carddav (webdav) interfaces that seamlessly
integrates with all phone contact and calendar lists. It provides fine-grain
user/group access control.

It is an open-source project with a 100% free community version that is 100%
functional. (Their business model is based on corporate support and an updated
document management system module) The setup will take 15-30 minutes and it
be configured to take snapshots/backups as often as you like.

I would suggest the svn version. There has been a significant UI update in the
latest release. The prior versions had been 1.0 -> 1.8. With the new UI,
versioning begins with 14.0. (current was 14.2 when I last checked)

Checkout is:

1.8 branch

svn checkout \ .

14.0 branch

svn checkout \ .

It is a complete replacement for M$ exchange and then some.


Thank you for the detailed description and links. I will give a try to this as
as I'll have time to set it up.

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