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Re: [opensuse] 13.1 - Cannot Connect to Wireless AP w/o Killing Network Manager, resolve.conf not updating on return???
On Sat, 2015-08-01 at 16:10 -0500, David C. Rankin wrote:

Spent the last week on a "family trip" (not vacation), and had to connect
a wireless access point. No matter what I did, network manager could not
to this access point. My phone had no issue connecting, but 13.1 could not

Using my phone I found:


Which includes at the beginning:

openSUSE may occasionally encounter issues with wireless. In most cases, it
work fine with networks or WEP/WPA-secured wireless networks. However, for
public wireless networks, specifically one's that are set up in coffee shops
airports, NetworkManager would suddenly ignore any attempts to connect to a
network or refuse to get an IP address.

This is exactly what was happening. I could see and list all available
with iwlist. I could manually associate the AP with my wireless connection
iwconfig, but could not actually connect to the AP. As soon as I killed
manager with rcnetwork stop, and brought wpa_supplicant back up, BINGO, the
connection to the AP was automatic. Issuing the dhcpcd command obtained an
address and the network was up.

Apparently this has been a know issue since the 12.X days. Other than
documenting the issue, has there been an progress on a consistent work-around
that will allow NetwokManager to work when this problem is encountered?

Upon return from the trip, a nasty side effect of the manual connection
issuance of the dhcpcd command was discovered when I connected to my AP, but
no domain information and no name service. Checking, resolv.conf was left in
state it was autoconfigured to with the vacation AP. For some reason when
re-connecting to my home AP, resolv.conf was not updated. The same was true
the domain information. While those are easily resolved by setting them
again, I
am used to the domain information automatically updating.

Is there anything specific anyone can think of in this situation that
result in the normal resolve.conf and domain information to fail to update?

All thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

I have this problem all over the world with various hotel wifi networks
with network manager or wicked. Sometimes I can't connect at all,
sometimes I can only connect for a few minutes until I get dropped by
the wifi AP. rcnetwork restart sometimes works a couple of times but I
usually get dropped from the wifi faster and faster till it doesn't work
at all.

There is also another issue that has just cropped up in the last month
or two, where firefox cannot access the hotel login page once I have
connected to the wifi AP. I have to use Chromium or Konqueror to access
the login page after I have connected to wifi. It varies from hotel to
hotel as to which works, sometimes neither works.

I wrote up a bug on this, but I got the impression that they don't want
to fix it. Maybe it is a lot of work that they don't want to tackle.

I spoke with the hotel tech support when I was last in Seoul, Korea
having this problem at a hotel. The tech guy told me that seven out of
ten times he has to allow connections to linux or Mac computers for
guests from his end, but doesn't know what the reason is.

He also told me that if I can't access the login page to the hotel
wireless service, it is because of their script. It is written in PHP
but he didn't know what it was specifically looking for that it wasn't
getting so that Mac and Linux can't access the login page once they are
connected to the hotel wifi.

My usual process for trying to get logged on to wifi is to try linux
first. If I can't get onto the hotel wifi, then I shut down and reboot
to windows. After I log in with windows, I restart and try linux again.
Sometimes it lets me have access with no further issues. Other times it
doesn't, and I have to call the hotel tech guy to let me log in with
linux. Other times, I just have to use windows to get online as the
techs don't support linux and won't help me get online with linux.

I am presently using 13.2, but have had this problem with various
versions I think since the 11.x days.


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