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Re: [opensuse] function of tmpfs /run/user/488
On 06/06/2015 03:24 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 06/06/2015 04:38 AM, ellanios82 wrote:
Hello List ,

- what please is function of " tmpfs /run/user/488 " , as shown by
command ' df ' ?
Actually its "/run" that is the tmpfs.
That's created at boot.

Its purpose is for dynamic mounts & dynamic user specific data.
It is created by pam_systemd and used for storing files used by running
processes for that user. These might be things such as dovecot, X11,
pulseaudio and many others. Take a look and see

For example If *I* stick a USB stick in the USB slot on the front of my
PC and it automounts, as its been set to, it appears under

(uid for anton is 501)

and more specifically

You will see that there is a lot more under /var/run and /run/

before systemd think kind of thing was stored in /tmp, which on many
systems is not volatile and which, anyway, can be accessed by all users
so other ends have to be taken for privacy and isolation. The use of a
tmpfs makes things easier in many ways.

When a user logs out, and no active sessions remain, pam_systemd will
wipe the /run/user/$uid directory out. With old approach, with various
files scattered around /tmp, this was more problematic and error prone.

See also the environment variable $XDG_SESSION_ID at
which is referenced by the man page PAM_SYSTEMD(8)


- aha - thank you very much


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