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Re: [opensuse] Re: CPU speed

On 03/06/15 15:13, Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
I don't know that I want to have the CPU run faster than is needed. I
would imagine that takes more power and generates more heat.
Presumably, if the CPU is doing something, the clock speed is

This is precisely so - when web browsing etc. I usually find 1 core running at full speed and seven 'just ticking over.' The one which runs fast changes periodically. When rendering my 3D graphics work, or calculating physics for it, all eight speed up immediately, and there is a clear relationship between cpu temp (and fan noise) and the number of cores running at top speed. The temperature falls off very quickly once the load reduces, and a slow temp fall-off is always indicative of the heatsink needing a clean.

Maybe I will try for a bit and see if things seem snappier.

I doubt you'll notice much, if any in day to day use.

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