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Re: [opensuse] Running 32Bit Linux LXC guest in a 64Bit system?
Per Jessen wrote:
John Andersen wrote:

On 11/29/2014 5:55 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
Well, I don't know what the LXC above stands for :-?
Good thing he provided a link .....
Looks like pretty much of a mess if you ask me.

What we need is develop a container technology that is simple
to install and manage and run all web browsers in that container.
LXC containers are quite easy to install and run. I'm not sure about
running X applications in them though.
Yes, I want to run a single application in LXC (Linux Containers).
Of course, I can try a full virtualization technology like VMware,
VirtualBox or KVM. But at first I want to give LXC a change.

And yes, LXC has some problems with running X applications. But it's
possible to run an X application inside LXC (for instance with SSH
X11 forwarding or $DISPLAY/xhost).

But the special problem here is, that my application probably
requires (I am not sure, until it's tested) a clean 32 Bit
environment. Without the "--arch" switch of "lxc-create" it's not
directly possible to install an 32 Bit LXC guest. The name of the
application is Borland JBuilder 2005. I still need it for special
tasks. On 64 Bit openSUSE 13.1 it prints this error during startup:

$ /opt/Borland/JBuilder2005/bin/jbuilder
count = 145, total = 522
count = 145, total = 522
Use -verbose for details on OpenTool failures
*** OpenTool
failed to initialize
*** OpenTool com.borland.jbuilder.personality.JBuilderPersonalities
failed to initialize
*** OpenTool com.borland.jbuilder.JBuilderCore failed to initialize

This is why I wanted to try JBuilder on a 32 Bit system.

Any tips? (the command "linux32" does not help)

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