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Re: [opensuse] boot with root as subvolume (was Re: btrfs (with subvolumes) & raid-1 setup)
On 11/23/2014 01:39 AM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
So what exactly does not work in your case?

I think he is just strawmaning.
Certainly the scenario he describes is vague and your specific questions
make sense.

But normal good practice is to put /boot on its own partition, an ext2
or ext3 seems to be the consensus, and that takes it out of the realm of
failure modes of BtrFS and snapshotting.

Assuming you don't have a hard disk failure, which, sadly, is an all to
common event these days, as we've discussed the reasons for elsewhere on
this forum, then the likelihood of a boot failure is going to have at it
cause some change to what is in /boot.

I say that because there are failure modes that will get the systems up
but only to a command prompt, single user mode, and that's quite another
matter. I realise some people call 'not going into the gui' a boot
failure. I don't.

A boot failure will result from

a) manually running 'mkinitrd' or similar and getting it wrong

b) installing a new kernel, manually or automatically, and it going wrong

c) doing an installation and it going wrong.

None of those are specific to BtrFS.

The fix for case (c) is pretty much "do it over".
The fix for (a) and (b) ... Google for "Boot Debugging".
As I say, it is a pretty well established procedure and has nothing to
do with BtrFS as opposed to any other file system, so the issue of
having the root of the file system as s subvolume of itself is quite

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