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Re: [opensuse] openSUSE-13.1: at 17:00 system begins thrashing: What is cause?
On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 09:04:23AM +0100, jdd wrote:
Le 22/11/2014 05:29, Ruben Safir a écrit :

iFor 15 years cron has made an most excellent alarm clock, and controls
a decent number of x25 boxes in the hours, reminds me of appointments,
cleans my log files out and automates mirroring and rekicks a number of
remote servers.

I could make photos for 40 years with film, why should I use digital
photo now?

That is a good point. It has nothing to do with MY Point, cron or the

but as long as you keep making good points... they are worth reading.

How do you feel about relief pitching in the major leagues? Good or

Now, getting back to crontab. It works. It is effective. It is an
essential part of the GNU and Unix tool chain. Any innovation of it,
which has happened over the years, DEPENDS on it remaining INDEPENDENT.
When it is aborbed by systemd, it is dead... innovation is dead ...and
that is besides the problem that systemd is buggy, rushed and it sucks.

Now I want to address film. Film is remarkable and it has a lot more
information even on the cheapest crappiest photographs than any digital
file. But my recent run in with the PNGLIB breakdown has put over 10
years of digital images at risk because of shitty decision by a
developer on libpng who doesn't get a damn about my pictures or family,
much like the systemd develoeprs for that matter. It was a real wakeup
call and so I went out a purchased a good photo print. It is not nearly
as good as a photograph, but I can't trust people like the deveopers of
libpng or the developers of systemd with my family's heirlooms. They
are RECKLESS and have no compasion.


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