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[opensuse] btrfs (with subvolumes) & raid-1 setup

I'm considering to move from Debian (Sid) to openSuSe where my Linux
adventure has begun in 1999. :-)

At the moment I use raid-1 setup of 2 X 1TB GPT-partitioned disks with
the following layout:

/dev/sd(a,b)1 bios_grub 2MB
/dev/sd(a,b)2 swap 8GB
/dev/sd(a,b)3 btrfs 923.51GB

/dev/sd(a,b)2 partitions are in raid1 swap volume, while btrfs
partitions are also in raid-1 and I use subvolumes for / & /home:

UUID=some-uuid / btrfs
defaults,noatime,compress=lzo,autodefrag,subvol=@ 0 0
UUID=some-uuid /home btrfs
defaults,noatime,compress=lzo,autodefrag,subvol=@home 0 0

I'd like to replicate this setup with Suse as well, but, if I'm right,
the installer in 13.2 can't do it?

The other option, which I used when installing Debian, is to install
Suse on single disk and then clone it and add to raid-1 array.

Any hint?


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