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[opensuse] openSUSE 13.2 and old xp computer
As you may know, default 13.2 installs BTRFS on /.

GRUB2 BTRFS driver is pretty large and do not fit on some small first sectors free space, one can find on old XP computers.

I had to installt two such computers this week-end.

The first I could wipe XP completely and has no problem at all, don't know if the computer could already accept the driver or Yast-install was smart enough to remormat the entire disk (was instructed to use the whole disk), but no problem at all.

For the second one, I had to keep XP. Owner was advised that there could be a problem, but that I was curious to see it happen, and accepted to be used as test.

installed (45 mn on such an old machine) and grub error... expected one.

We could have redone the install with a different partitionning sheme, but a friend of mine suggested a fix.

we could connect on the install with a rescue disk, lauch yast and:

* shrink a bit more the windows XP partition to allow a /boot one - was even possible to have a primary one.
* create an ext3 small partition
* copy the old /boot to the new one,
* fix the fstab, removing btrfs subvolumes for /boot and replacing them with our one
* and use yast to reinstall grub on the new partition.

and voilĂ , the computer booted perfectly both openSUSE (default) or XP...

notice: I was unable to change fstab through yast partition module (always some error), but with vi no problem.

so, happy we where. Installing without problem is great, but diagnostic a potential problem, hit it and be able to fix the install is even greater :-)

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