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Re: [opensuse] /tmp as tmpfs
On 11/16/2014 08:34 AM, Jan Ritzerfeld wrote:
Am Samstag, 15. November 2014, 14:00:25 schrieb Anton Aylward:
On 11/15/2014 11:31 AM, Jan Ritzerfeld wrote:
Did you try to remove it from /etc/fstab?

No, not yet, because I am not completely sure whether some tool, like
YaST, will put it back there.

How would it do that?
Yast is not a daemon. It doesn't run in the background.
It only runs when you invoke it; and I try to use it as little as
possible; for example I use zypper on the command line to install
packages and updates.

I plan to use the YaST partitioner later in order to add the existing
encrypted home partition of 13.1.Thus, it will have to modify fstab and

I've always done that 'by hand', no least of all because I want to see
exactly what's being done.

As for partitioning, I set up LVM to start with and use that onwards.
It lets me do encryption at a more basic level. LVM operates below the
filesystem, so whatever it does, it does so at the disk level. So yes,
indeed, when LVM implements encryption this is "full-disk encryption"
(or, more accurately, "full-partition encryption").

Besides, I use YaST for the initial configuration, e.g., for
adding users, network printers, iscsi targets, ntp servers, and

I don't, but that's beside the point.
Such activities don't alter the disk partition.

However, enabling services and finding packages that I had installed on the
previous openSUSE seems to be easier by terminal.

But searching for some software package is done by YaST here.

# zypper search <package/pattern>

But then I'm a old-fogie type of control freak who is not enamoured with
GUIs and was doing system administration long before Microsoft Windows.

When I do I modify most config files via terminal, too. By keeping the
original file as .orig, I can easily apply the diff-patch to the files of a
new openSUSE version. And starting services via terminal makes it easier to
add these lines to my UPDATE file that reminds me of doing it on the next

A lot of the time the GUI doesn't do what I want or just gets in the
way. A lot of the time I can type the command faster ....

Or graphical text editors modify config files just because of reasons (wrong
encoding, tabs, spaces, line endings, file endings, binary content).

I'd add that Yast has many modules, its almost biblical in that![1]
If you don't run the one that fiddles with the file system/partitioning
why should it alter the fstab?

Because I will use exactly the one that fiddles with the file
system/partitioning! :-D

You mean accidentally?

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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