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Re: [opensuse] /tmp as tmpfs
On 11/15/2014 11:31 AM, Jan Ritzerfeld wrote:
Did you try to remove it from /etc/fstab?
No, not yet, because I am not completely sure whether some tool, like YaST,
will put it back there.

How would it do that?
Yast is not a daemon. It doesn't run in the background.
It only runs when you invoke it; and I try to use it as little as
possible; for example I use zypper on the command line to install
packages and updates.

But then I'm a old-fogie type of control freak who is not enamoured with
GUIs and was doing system administration long before Microsoft Windows.

A lot of the time the GUI doesn't do what I want or just gets in the
way. A lot of the time I can type the command faster ....

I'd add that Yast has many modules, its almost biblical in that![1]
If you don't run the one that fiddles with the file system/partitioning
why should it alter the fstab?

[1] John 14:2
A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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