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Re: [opensuse] On not printing... (was thunderbird, 'don't ask again')
On 14/11/14 17:07, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 11/14/2014 10:18 AM, lynn wrote:
On 14/11/14 15:57, Anton Aylward wrote:

There is that.

I installed a drive for my phone & tablet to let them print over the
wifi connection to my desktop & CUPS. So there is the test page. I
represents maybe 2% of my usage.

what else?

I print recipes I find occasionally and my accounts for the accountant
come March.

It makes me wonder about the capital investment in a printer.

And yes, I have a clogged colour injet in the basement.
I spent more on ink than I did on the printer!

My Brother Laser was cheap enough. Its asked for a new drum twice and
I've 'reset'. No degradation. I buy the cheapest refills. No
degradation. I've friends that secumb to the costs the vendors insist
on, but I've too much paper in the house anyway!

The reason it does not work is like for the printing is that it uses the
old sort and there must not be a registry value. One solution was
volunteered by another user of windows:
And yet further evidence:

Other events prompted me to look at /etc/sysconfig/default where you can
find similar passages, but not those that are to forget.
OTOH, you can't get a sole that way because I have always found the
print server is a ream. Other users have not had this problem because
they warn.

The Kerberos realm is set at:
and you must therefore have a list on top to provide clarification. Most
steps can be written but it is with two and a provider.
L x

I'm sorry, lynn but this seems a non sequitor.
The URLs you supply above are a mail form and a 1x1 pixel, which doesn't
seem pertinent.
You seem to think I have a problem with my Brother printer; I don't.
Are you sure you are replying to me and the forum and not some private
communication with someone else?

Don't hijack my thread _ever_ again. Thank you.

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