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Re: [opensuse] Upgrading 13.1 > 13.2
On 11/12/2014 10:52 AM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
I have also seen that auto connect option (sadly missing from Android)
where it can automatically connect or require manual connect¹.
My android experience also differes tremendously from yours as I can
auto-access mountpoints w/o re-entering passwords although some such as
hotels do require re-auth.

I think you missed something. My comment was that Android doesn't offer
the option of manual connect. You either have auto connect or you have
to forget the connection and reconnect again later. If that WiFi
requires a password, then you then have to enter the password again. As
an example, I frequent the local community centres where there is free
WiFi. But in order to use it, you have to use a browser to accept the
conditions. If I have that WiFi enabled on my phone, it connects to it
as soon as I enter the building. In the process, it diverts IP away
from the cell network to WiFi. But since I haven't opened a browser to
accept the conditions, my phone is now effectively disconnected from the
Internet, which means that I no longer get email, VoIP calls etc.. If
Android supported manual connection, then I could connect when I wanted
to, and not have to worry about being disconnected from the Internet
when I don't. With both Linux and Windows, there is the option of
manual or automatic connects that one can set as desired. While this
situation doesn't require a password, WiFi at some customer sites does.
I don't always want my phone connected to a customer's WiFi, unless I
specifically want to. This means I have to enter the password to use
the WiFi and then forget the connection. Then the next time I want to
use it, I have to enter the password again and again forget.

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