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Re: [opensuse] Btrfs: Error Upon Installation
On 11/07/2014 09:26 AM, Sam M. wrote:
What do you mean by that?

Did you reformat the partition?
BtrFS has the ability to read in and sort-of-convert an extFS into
itself. Is that what you did?

Was this part of a new installation from a distribution DVD?

I used a USB key that I created with dd, the same one I had no
problems with on the test laptop and with my earlier 13.2 install on
my workstation.

In another thread, James Knott describes problems install from a USB
key. My not be pertinent but I suggest you review that thread.

I did reformat sda3 (/). I don't remember seeing any
option to read-in and convert the EXT4 partition.

Well, since it was reformatted, of course not, but I recall on a older
install that exists. I don't recall if its for ext4 or just ext3.

I had it set to
create the btrfs partition for sda3 within the same block ranges that
the previous EXT4 partition was in, so the size was exactly the same.
The "F" option was toggled (for format). I can do the whole process
over again if needed, but I'm going to create another backup first.

"block ranges"? I've never needed to go down to that level.
Mind you, I usually follow Felix Miata's advice and format/partition the
disk before hand with something like Knoppix, or just upgrade from the
previous version of suse. Windows hasn't touched a disk of mine this
century. (I'm considering install VirtualBox and running a virtual
Windows, probably XP, just to remind myself what I'm missing, and then
delete it all!, but that's a separate issue.)

I think your problem was you rebooted even though you had been told that
the rebuild of the initrd had failed. Given that I would not trust the

In such situation I would have either backed up /boot or told the build
process to rebuild one and only one initrd.

I didn't either, in fact, I didn't trust anything after that first
error message. I can't have this workstation be down very long so I
just reinstalled and went back to EXT4.

You don't say whether the 'test laptop' was similar process or a 'new

It was a new install over NTFS,

HIC! I presume you mean that it was over-writing a NTFS file system HIC!

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
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